Club rules

1. Membership card

  • a. Non-delegation.  CP membership card shall bear the name of its holder, and be non-delegable, with the exception of family members: husband/wife, mate/partner (him or her). Only the person, who name is written on the card, is authorized to use the card. Delegation of the card to the next family members, e.g. son, daughter or anybody of the company staff is not permitted.
  • b. Validity. Card validity shall be limited to one year, on basis of the signed contract. Club members and their guests may use all Clubs sports, relax, social and business facilities free of charge (excluding additional services, which are listed bellow).
  • c. Guests. Each Club member may take the opportunity and invite own guests to visit the Club facilities. This is possible only, if the club member is personally present at the club. If the club member is absent from the Club; the use of Club premises by the guests invited will be denied. The number of guests per one card shall not exceed three (3) .  A higher number of guests per one card should be possible only exceptionally with the previous consent of  CP director.
  • d. Card loss.  Member card is Club property, club members are required to protect it from damage and report lost card number to the club management.
  • e. Card return. Should any member intend not to extend the membership in CP for the next period, is obliged to return the member card to the club management.

2. CP Entry and Registration

  • a. Club member.   CP members shall be obliged at entry into the premises to present their member cards to the Information Service staff. We really insist on presenting the card, because this is the only way how to guarantee, that club facilities are visited only by authorized persons, the club members. Should the club members will not present his/her card, the main entrance staff will let him/her come in only after club management will confirm (by phone) the name and card holder.
  • b. Guests report. Club member during his/her entry to the club will report the given number of guests followed him/her to the Information staff. Prior each entry to the Club a Club member should communicate to his/her guest the member card number. Should the guests are in the club prior to the club member, it is necessary, that the club member will inform (by phone) the reception desk staff with his/her card number and number of the guests expected. In that case, the guests will wait for club member arrival on the parking area.
  • c. Guests entrance. A guest may enter the facilities having reported the name and number of the membership card of the member, who invited him to the Club. A guest arrival may be reported to the Information staff personally by club member or by phone, from reception desk. Should the Information staff has no information about a guest arrival, will deny the guest entrance to the Club.
  • d. Re-entrance. Should the driver leaves the club and will come back again; he will be given the re-entry card, which will be presented on his next arrival. On the last arrival the re-entry card is to be returned to the Information staff.

3. Rules for using CP – Business Area

  • a. Club member.  Club members shall use individual centers of the Business Area with no limitations, between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. If there is not presented “Do not disturb” card on any of the club room’s door, is the club member authorized use this room.
  • b. Collective events arrangement. Club members are entitled to apply the club management for company/family event, which could take place in Club Penati business facilities. The required room is booked after obligatory order, which is delivered by a letter or by mail to the Club Director. The order shall include the following information of the event: required room, the date and time, the number of participants and their list, technical support, required refreshment, the way of payment and contact person in charge. The Club management reserves the right to determine each event individually, to avoid any limitation of remaining club member’s comfort.
  • c. Payment for collective events. There is no rent fee for collective events held in Club Penati. Club Penati reserves the right to claim cash deposit for the refreshment or technical support costs of the event in advance. The remaining amount shall be settled up in cash, by credit card or by invoice after the event has been realized.
  • d. Consumption payment. Club member shall report his/her card number prior any order. A guest shall report the card number of those club member, who is his/her host. All the club members have to realize, that consumed services shall be paid daily, at the same day of consumption. Consumed services can be paid directly at the individual Club centers (besides the massage, which can only be paid at the reception) or when the visitors leave the Club, the final payment can be made at the reception desk in cash or by credit card. Should a member/guest is not able (non solvent) to pay the bill, he/she shall receive for signature the so called pre-receipt where are put all consumed items. A member/guest by own signature shall confirm the price of services and the bill is paid on his/her next visit to the Club. A member is responsible for his/her guest payment. Because of operational reasons, the Club can not accept meals&drinks orders of children, persons younger than 12 years old. The reason is the fact, that in praxis we have faced the situations, when children distorted card number; they repudiated the ice cream order… and afterwards have raised the misunderstanding with final payment of the guest.
  • e. Smoking.  The profile of Club Penati is as the Club of sport, relax and fit life way. In all the social centers are the guests strictly required to smoke only in defined areas: billiard, chess room and Lobby bar area on the first floor. Outside these areas smoking is not permitted.
  • f. Dress code. It shall be recommended to Club members and their guests that in the business area, including the Restaurant, formal dress code should be preferred. Club staff is authorized to refuse the service to that guest, who broke this rule attending (foyer, restaurant or the club rooms) in sport dress. All members are kindly requested not to stow your sport bags (tennis, golf, hockey…) in foyer but use for this purpose the wardrobe. The Club staff would be pleased to help you.
  • g. Accommodation. Accommodation capacity shall be provided primarily to Club members. Club member’s guests may use the accommodation capacity in case it was not requested by a different Club member. Each of the five apartments shall be available for a current price per day, including breakfast and using the sports and relax services and excluding minibar consumption. A member shall report on the accommodation order, if the payment would be settled by him/her or by the guest accommodated. The payment for accommodation shall be settled up at the day of departure, at least.
  • h. Young aged persons. Club Penati profiles itself as the family business club, with prevailing of business clients. Club Penati is not the student or teen’s club. It is necessary to underline, that young aged persons (at the age of 12 – 18 years) are entitled visit the Club only accompanied by their parents, the cards holders. It is strictly forbidden to delegate the member card from parents to the children, irrespective of their age, even if they are 30 years old.
  • i. Children. A child is a person younger than 12 years of age. All parents are kindly requested leave the Club with children in winter season (19.9. – 9.5.) to 7 p.m. latest. Because of the safety admittance to the fitness is strictly forbidden. The parents are kindly asked to observe quiet and no noisy environment in all the club areas, mainly in relax facilities. Because of operational reasons, the Club cannot accept meals & drinks orders, made by children. Club Penati would like to express high friendly attitude to the families with children, at the same time we have to follow also the requirements of our remaining visitors, mainly the business men. Should you require, you can order the Au-pair service, at the reception desk, at least the day before. The pricelist of the service is an enclosure of the Club rules. CP provides Au pair service free of charge on Sundays, from noon in Children corner.

4. Rules for use of CP – Sports and relax facilities

  • a. Entrance, locker keys.  Club members shall enter Club sport facilities only through the main entrance, around the reception desk, not sooner than at 7 a.m. The locker keys are available at the wardrobe, 1 key per 1 person. We kindly ask you to return the key to the wardrobe staff on your leaving club sport centre. We would like to minimize the situations, when because of not returned key (e.g. left behind in the dress pocket), club reduces the capacity of free lockers. The closing time of all club sport and relax facilities is 10 p.m.
  • b. Locker room football - hockey. All club members (men) are kindly requested to use the locker room football-hockey with capacity of 12 lockers, in case of collective bookings. Ask for the keys of this locker by the wardrobe staff in advance. We built it up for purpose to avoid of crowded main gentlemen locker room, especially in rush hours.
  • c. Sport facilities booking.  For the use of individual sports facilities (tennis, squash, ricochet court, golf simulator, table tennis, badminton surface, universal outdoor playground) it shall be recommended to book for a certain day and hour by phone or during the previous visit to the Club, but always to book only one date in advance for  maximally: tennis 2 hours, golf simulator 3 hours, universal playground 2 hours, squash, ricochet, table tennis and badminton surface 1 hour. To avoid any misunderstandings, the club members are requested to pronounce the card number clearly while booking and let the receptionist to confirm your requirement. Club members shall be obliged to report to the reception desk their non-using of booking, immediately after the occurrence of events causing the non-using of the sports capacity during that day. For a Club member, who repeatedly did not communicate the canceling of his or her booking (on the phone or in person), the Club management reserves the right to impose sanctions – to stop to provide him or her with option to book a sports facility for a certain period of time. There is no need to book in advance fitness centre.
  • d. Relax facilities. Club sport area provides the opportunity to use free of charge indoor pool, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and solarium. Paid services of a masseur shall also be provided and booking at the reception desk. The pricelist of the masseur services is an enclosure of Club Penati rules. Because of hygienic reasons, we recommend to shower before you have a sauna and whirlpool. Please, follow the recommended way of sauna bathing, available inside both relax areas. Especially while whirlpool bathing, we kindly ask you to be tolerable towards to other guest, concerning the time you spend inside the whirlpool. Check your pockets before enter the whirlpool. It was often out of order only because of blockage by the items left behind by the guests, or thrown there by children. All the cosmetic products (body lotion, body milk…) which are not clear away by shower, stain water as well. The parents are kindly asked to observe quiet and no noisy environment in relax facilities, mainly after 6 p.m.
  • e. Relax facilities booking. There is no necessary to book in advance the indoor pool, whirlpool and steam room. Should you require, you can book sauna (located on right hand side of relax zone entrance with capacity up to 6 persons) daily from 12.00 to 3 p.m., masseur service in week days Mo – Fri from 1.00 p.m. to 9 p.m., in weekends Sa – Sun from 8.00 a.m. to 9 p.m. We ask all club members to report to the reception desk their non-using of booking, immediately after the occurrence of events causing the non-using of the relax capacity during that day. Solarium is possible to book for the period of max. 30 min. / person at the Life guard station.
  • f. Sport facilities. Club members and guests shall comply in the sports area with the rules for entry and use of individual facilities and premises, which can be found in both, ladies and gentlemen locker room. For using the indoor sports centers, it shall be especially recommended to use appropriate shoes with a non marking sole. Mind the fact that sport shoes, stained for example by tennis clay, may seriously damage indoor tennis surface or stained the locker room surface. The Club shall offer the option to rent different sport equipment via fitness staff free of charge. Services of a qualified trainer in fitness can be used free of charge. To a Club member interested in complete training unit, this service shall be provided by CP on the basis of an order, at least 24 hours in advance for payment for a trainer outside the Club. Presently, we provide the options to book tennis, golf, ricochet and squash coaches. The pricelist of offered services is available at the reception desk.
  • g. Towels providing. Club member will find two towels inside each locker, which are provided for comfort of our guests. At the relax zone entrance are to be found the linen and the bathrobes will be provided by life guard on request. The bathrobes are provided in winter season (1.11. – 15.3. ) and on cool days only, during the summer time. Please, put used towels, linen and bathrobes in laundry baskets, located in the locker rooms.
  • h. Mineral water fountain. CP will provide mineral water in the sport area by water fountain free of charge. Used cups should be put inside the baskets nearby. Please, keep tidy the water fountain area.
  • i. Smoking, hard drinks.  Within the entire sports area smoking shall be strictly prohibited. Club members shall be not authorized to use Club sport facilities and relax area under the influence of alcohol or other dependent substances, if other Club members or club visitors may be disturbed by their behavior.

5. Rules for using CP – outdoor swimming pools and vicinity

  • a. Outdoor pools. All pools are opened during summer season (9.5. – 19.9.)  – outdoor and indoor pools as well. For comfort of the club members are on the swimming pool area and its vicinity located the sun beds, sun shields and the towels. The towels are provided by wardrobe staff in amount 1 pc / 1 person. We appreciate your understanding in optimizing of the number of the towels used. It is worth a consideration the environment protection – laundry dry cleaning. Because of the cleanliness of the indoor pool area, entry to the indoor pool area from the outside is forbidden in any shoes. We recommend you to leave your shoes in front of the door, or use the side entrance into the locker room area. Please watch out your children on their stay close to the pool. All children less than 12 years have to be accompanied by an adult person whiles their stay inside the pool and close vicinity.
  • b. Life guard. There is the lifeguard look out stand in the area close to the children pool. He takes care of outdoor swimming pools, children pool, stone beach, grass surface, tennis courts. Should you require any help (assistance with sun bed or sun shield, bring the bed cushion…), contact him, please.
  • c. Swimming, sun bathing. Use of the swimming pools is allowed in swimsuit only. We recommend you to shower before pool entering. The ladies are kindly recommended to use both parts of the swimsuit while swimming or sunbathing.Ladies wearing burkini are not allowed to use the pool. Both, inside and outside.
  • d. Meal & drinks.  Smoking, meal eating, use of the glassware inside the pool and right on the pool side is because of hygienic and safety reasons strictly forbidden.
  • e. Pets. No pets are allowed in Club Penati. Any club member who will not observe this rule will be asked to leave the Club.
  • f. Sun beds. Because of the overview of the sun bed occupancy, all guests are kindly requested on leaving put used towels inside the laundry basket. Next guest can use the sun bed immediately after your leaving.

6. Final Provisions

  • a. Club Penati Directory. There is Club Penati Directory brochure at your disposal at the reception desk. Here you will find information on all services and facilities provided by Club Penati to Club members and their guests and also the Pricelist of Paid Services.
  • b. Cleanness.  Club Penati will do the best in providing pleasant and always tidy environment for sport practicing, relaxing, spending the leisure time in your family or friends circle, for arranging of various family or business events. Every club member can also contribute to always clean surroundings in Club Penati.  We appreciate if you put the used cups and laundry in the basket, use appropriate and clean sport shoes, observe the smoking rule…
  • c. Dispute. In case of a dispute between Club members arising from a different interpretation of the Club Rules, the Club management shall reserve the right that the Club members should respect the final opinion of the Club management presented by the Club director.
  • d. Sanction. Should any of club member break Club Penati rules with no observing the rule 1a – (card non delegation ) and will delegate the card to non authorized person, Club Penati will penalize those club member with 1500,-€ fine (or 3 months ban of card using). Should the club member break this rule repeatedly, Club Penati is authorized to cancel the membership immediately to that club member.
  • e. Important phone numbers:


0910 55 55 54

02 / 69 203 614


0905 98 92 82

02 / 69 203 650


0910 55 55 59

02 / 69 203 611

The Pricelist of paid services

Code Service Price
1 Use of sport – relax facilities (member) 0 €
2 Use of sport – relax facilities (guest) 0 €
3 Accommodation room per night* 100 €
6 Tennis instructor – 1 hour 20 €
8 Massage for children, 15 min. 11 €
9 Massage classic, sport (back, neck, legs) 30 min. 18 €
10 Massage classic, sport (back, neck, legs) 45 min. 23 €
11 Massage classic, sport (whole body) 60 min. 28 €

* including breakfast and using the sport and relax centre