Castle hotel CHATEAU HERÁLEC*****

Come to the castle hotel CHATEAU HERALEC***** that lies in the middle of the beautiful Vysocina region and spend an extended weekend there with your friends or family.

After only an hour long drive from Brno along the D1 highway, you will find yourself in a completely different world. There, a beautiful romantic castle, that was turned into a five star boutique hotel, dominates the local scenery. Prepare yourself breathtaking views of the local nature and scenery. The late summer and autumn have an unusual charm and offer a wide range of free-time activities. High quality bicycles, Nordic walking sticks and our beautiful castle convertible are all available for rental and in the price of your accomodation. Visit the website and list through their „Chronicles of Expreince“ that is a short and concise booklet of all the interesting free-time activities to undertake in the castle itself and the surrounding region. Take a virtual tour of all the available rooms and suites and choose the one you like the best. 

Individual guests – members of the Penati Club - have a unique opportunity to use a 15% discount for accomodation (the discount is based on the full price of the accomodation). Every member of the Penati club will get a sweet gift from the castle „Gourmet Collection“. You can order a stay at CHATEAU HERALEC***** on the following email address:, Do not forget to cite your name and Penati Club membership card.
The exclusive area of the castle with a first-class restaurant is perfect for business meetings, off-site meetings, business dinners as well as company events and parties. For companies and organizations – members of the Penati Club - CHATEAU HERÁLEC***** offers special conditions for organizing company and social events.

In case of interest, please contact Mrs. Alexandra Kasperova on the following address: If you are considering an exclusive gift for your family members, friends or business partners, do not forget to take a look at their rich offering of gift certificates for various occasions: -

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CHATEAU HERALEC***** looks forward to your visit!


CHATEAU HERÁLEC, Boutique Hotel & Club Resort *****
Herálec 1, 582 55 HERÁLEC

General Manager:     PhDr. Alexandra Kasperová, MBA
Tel: CZE: +420 725 499 811
Tel: SVK: +421 911 705 253
Reception:     e-mail:
Tel: +420 569 669 111 / +420 734 822 640
Fax: +420 569 669 150