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Venison menu from 4.12.2019


Cheastnut cream soup with smoked ham and cress  3,90€

Main dish

Pheasant breasts with orange peel on thyme, beetroot chutney, sweet potato puree and Valerian, 450g  14,90 €

Medaillons of wild boar with zucchini fritters and horseradish-cranberry sauce, 450g   14,90 €

Deer goulash on black beer served with red onion, cranberries and  traditional slovak bread dumplings, 450g 12,90 €




Street food

Chicken Tikka Masala, Indian curry chicken, Masala spice, fresh cilantro, yasmine rice 150g      11,90 €

Penati Club Burger, minced beef meat,home made sesame bun, Thousand Island dressing, grilled bacon, Cheddar cheese, lettuce leaf, tomatoes, French fries  150g 12,90€

Penati Club Burger, double meat portion 300g   15,90€

Chili beef cheese & fries, traditional American street food, beef ragout, chilli, French fries, topped with cheese sauce 150g  7,90€





Cold appetizer

Hummus & Falafel, Chick -pea puree flavored with tahini paste, fried chick-pea and sesame dumpling, papadum lentil cracker 200g

7,90 €

Tartar - traditional minced beef meat, toasts 90g

11,90 €

Prawns grilled on garlic, vine and shallot, crispy bread , 100g

11,90 €


Mesclun avocado salad, quinoa, cucumber, white radish, carrots, avocado vinaigrette 250g

8,90 €

Caesar salad with chicken nuggets, 250g

 8,90 €

Salmon salad, lettuce, soybean sprout, cherries, marinated salmon, mustard dressing 250g

11,90 €


Strong beef broth
with homemade egg noodles and shredded meat, lovage 025l

3,60 €

Tomato soup with Parmesan cheese, 0,25l

3,60 €

Grilled Meat

Grilled beef tenderloin steak, prepared extra rare, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, 200g

24,90 €

Chicken supreme steak, 200g

12,90 €

Salmon steak, 180g

13,90 €


Meat jus 60ml

2,50 €

Mushroom sauce 60ml

Green pepper sauce 60ml

2,50 €

2,50 €

Main dish

Leg of lamb, baked with vegetables, white bean ragout, pancetta, garlic, marinated onions, 250g

16,90 €

Vienna style veal schnitzel, fried in fat, butter mashed potatoes, 180g

15,90 €

Veal cheek, slowly braised with root vegetables and mushrooms, 150g

14,90 €


Pasta & Risotto

Spaghetti congamberi saltati, garlic, chilli, parsley, olive oil, prawns, 250g       12,90 €

Gnocchi ala barbabietola rossa, beetroot gnocchi, gorgonzola, fresh dill, 250g  12,90 €

Risotto Zafferano, cream risotto with saffron, rocket salad, 250g    8,90 €

Risotto funghi, cream risotto with mushrooms, parmesan. 250g   9,90 €

Prices specified are inclusive of statutory VAT.
The food weights quoted comply with the amounts actually served.